May 202014

Kylan (The Cold) is on a festival tour this year. We are all,super happy and excited to see blogs and 3D/CG related sites have been featuring the released trailer for the short.

We hope this pace will continue and more sites to feature it. As an independent production we need all the help and exposure we can get!

Here’s an updated list of festivals it’s going to be screened at so far:

Guanajuato International Film Festival……………………………………………..// 25 july – 3 august 2014

Cryptshow Festival………………………………………………………………………..// july 2014

Umbria Film Festival……………………………………………………………………..// 9 – 13 july 2014

Cortos Rodinia Short Film Festival 2014……………………………………………//2014 6

La Petite École du Film Court…………………………………………………………..// 19 may – 3 june

GFF, Gulf Film Festival…………………………………………………………………..// 27 – 31 may 2014

The Short Film Corner, Cannes………………………………………………………..// may 2014

SE A PARIS , Cinema Festival Sydosteuropa……………………………………….// 27 – 30 april 2014

Athen International Film + Video festival 2014…………………………………..// 12 april 2014

Aurora Horror Film festival (Mexico)………………………………………………..// 13 mars 2014

Festival Travelling/Eléphant D´or, competition………………………………….//1 & 4 mars 2014

CLERMONT-FERRAND – youth audience comeptition………………………………// 2014

TRAVELING JUNIOR – L’elephant D’or competition …………………………………//2014

FLICKERFEST-International Short film festival official selection………………….// 2014

Tromsø – International Short film festival official selection………………………….//2014

NORDISK PANORAMA- International film festival official selection……………..// 2013


If you are attending any of these festivals make sure to check out The Cold shortfilm!. If you do let me know what you think!


If you haven’t seen the trailer yet you can find it here: “”

For more information visit the official site at “”


Big thanks to everyone for showing interest in the project!



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Feb 092014

From the director of the critically acclaimed feature film, Made In Yugoslavia comes this exciting film. The Cold is a short film for children that provokes thoughts and questions about how humans and nature are interrelated and convey the message that people feel good to do good deeds. The Cold is an adventure film from a child’s perspective. Its about fear. And how you can overcome fear by helping each other out.

It’s freezing cold outside. The icy and dangerous fog is waiting in the forest for it’s next victim. The little girl and her classmates have no choice. They have to go to school even though they risk their lives. After passing through the great forest the children meet the dangerous fog…

The camera is concentrated on the eyes and the dialog is minimal. The focus of the sound is the atmosphere where snow and the clear air crispiness combined with children’s breathing produces a bubble. The universe in which we are participating is surrounded by the the dangerous fog. You should be able to recognize the real world in the film, even if everything is elevated in its visual expression.

A short film project that has been a long time in the making. Written and directed by Miko Lazic. I was the VFX/CG production supervisor on it and my production company Dark Haven helped make this film possible. The film got finished last year and are now being pushed out to festivals.

Finishing this project was a huge challenge and we’ve had a lot of obstacles to climb over. But with the passion together with persistence and a lot of problem solving/pipeline improvements we managed to bring this ship to harbor.

These are the announced festivals so far:

CLERMONT-FERRAND – youth audience comeptition 2014

TRAVELING JUNIOR – L’elephant D’or competition 2014

FLICKERFEST-International Short film festival official selection 2014

Tromsø – International Short film festival official selection 2014

NORDISK PANORAMA- International film festival official selection 2013


Check out the film’s official site for more information .

Big thanks to everyone involved!

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Feb 022014


So it’s 2014 and February already. Making this the first post of the year.

2013 was a big year with a lot happening for DH under the hood. Lots of pipeline improvements, preparing my production company to handle bigger projects. Met with lots of new exciting people and new partners to do work with. 2013 was a quiet year with little information being disclosed.

In 2013 DH also launched its own store selling really cool stuff with my illustrations on them. One thing I’m super proud of and hope will grow into something bigger as time goes by. The store is growing every now and then with more products. So make sure to point your browser to from time to time.

Something great that happened that I think is safe to reveal is that “the Cold” (kylan) shortfilm, directed & produced by Miko Lazic, got finished and are being sent to festivals. I will write more about it in a separate post once we have a first trailer out.

For under the hood, the deadline 6 render manager got adopted and implemented in our farm to streamline our render pipe. We have also made adobe a big part of our workflow. Everything from writing screenplays to vfx post production are now handled using adobes creative cloud apps.

On a personal note I also started taking pictures. Inspirational pictures mostly taken with my phone when out walking or running or whenever I come by somewhere I feel is special. For me this has been a great way to try and open my eyes more to cool things surrounding my everyday life.



So, “The Cold” as mentioned above is done we have now switched our focus completely over to a new super exciting project that I wrote and are directing. A project that has been in development since 2009, the same time Dark Haven got founded by me. I’m not going to talk too much about it but It’s going to have its reveal soon so make sure to stay tuned. Instead of just talking about it I would rather show it to everyone.

2014 will definitely be a louder year! Can’t wait to get to share everything public!

More to come soon!


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Oct 242013

I am extremely excited to announce that Dark Haven now has its own online store at ! To start with it’s featuring my personal artworks printed on high quality products. It feels great browsing around the store seeing all the cool stuff having my illustrations on them. Specially those skateboards brings back the sweet memories from being a skater in my teenage years!. Man I miss those days. I think the skateboards in particular turned out great!

This is an alternative way to find financial support for Dark Haven so any sale will directly help all internal productions currently in development.

The goal however is not to make something gimmicky to try and sell.. every product are given the time it deserves to make it as awesome as possible. We choose our products carefully before we design and put it up for sale. So we are starting with the current products that’s up on the site but will keep on adding more things and unique designs as time goes by. Everyone can expect to see more products on the store the upcoming weeks. A lot of it will be based on our film/entertainment brands but we will also be putting up unique stuff as well.

If you read this please spread it out!. Facebook it, Tweet it, tell your friends and family about it!

Also make sure to follow Dark Haven’s official twitter @haven_biz, that’s the place you will hear about new announcements first.

And if you have any feedback don’t be afraid to leave a comment!. We want to make everything as cool as possible!.

Find the store at

More soon!



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Oct 152013


I’ve been using most of Adobe CC extensively for video & VFX production since I announced including it in my pipeline in an earlier post.

So I thought I’d write a little about it.


I was extremely excited about the 3D camera tracker in After effects. When it works it produces excellent solves. However I recently sat on a production with other partners included and I thought to use After Effects as my main tracker. For some reason it didn’t work at all. My partners did an excellent job at shooting the material in Highres, well lit and with no weird pans. But AE just could not handle it to my surprise. However I did solve that pretty quickly with just manipulating the sequence a bit. Another thing that also annoyed the hell out of me is that you can’t export your solve to any other package than Cinema 4D. I know they’ve partnered up with Maxon and want to push Cinema 4D. But in my world of production, cinema 4D lite just isn’t enough for the heavy duty 3D work I’m doing with my production company. And then you might argue that I should invest in the full version of Cinema. I could consider that, but comparing Cinema with Maya, I feel safer betting my money on Autodesk since I’ve spent pretty much my whole career working with their products and my pipeline is built around that. So I had to go with another solution for that and redo the work. Cinema with the R15 just released (or about to get released) seems to be a strong competitor to Maya. Maybe I’ll give that a try later on when I have more time to explore. Still, I want to be able to export my AE 3D work to any package I choose. Hope Adobe changes this soon. It’s pretty obvious that Adobe is trying to force people to stay within the Adobe ecosystem without ever needing to step outside. That is great and I see a lot of benefits from it. But the problem is that the complexity of peoples pipelines just doesn’t make it possible for them to use Adobe only product.

Another part of the Adobe CC suite is Adobe Story. I used to use CeltX for all my writing but have now switched over. I haven’t finalized a script yet so I’ll keep this brief. Overall I do love it. I do not regret moving over. But with all the great features marketed by Adobe things still aren’t perfect. At first I find the writing part a bit sluggish. However after a few updates it feels like it has gotten better. Better, but not perfect. Could this be due to the fact that it’s an adobe air based product? Something else that’s bothering me is that I do alot of writing on the go, either on my Sony android tablet or my Lumia Windows phone. With CeltX there is at least an app available I can use on the android device. That is not the case with Adobe story. So for any writing while traveling I need to use something else and then later copy everything over. I am however soon replacing my android tablet and will probably end up with the new Surface 2 pro coming out soon. It’s running the full version of Windows 8.1 and that should solve the problem. Other than that I haven’t really gotten to the point of using some of the other features that seems great. So I’ll have to save that one for another post in the future.


Aug 132013

The short “The Cold” (Kylan in Swedish) are now after a couple of years of hard work in its final stages. We have all scenes and shots in place. Since a few weeks back we have entered the polish stage. Fixing errors, adding elements and tweaking shots to become better and also adding the final grade. The Cold for those who don’t know, a Despot Film production written, directed and produced by Miko Lazic. A project in which I am the VFX/CG production supervisor on and together with my company Dark Haven are bringing to completion.

The process is slow since we are few working on it at this stage. I must say I am excited to see everything coming together! A hard push for a few more weeks! And hopefully soon we are able to share more about the project!

Everyone involved are eager to finish this project and get it out the door and share it with the world. I know I am. All the hard work everyone has put in to the project is really showing at this stage.

With this post I wanted to let everyone know, knowing we have been quiet for some time now, we are certainly not dead.

In the mean time here’s some behind the scene screenshots from the CG/VFX elements in the movie, not spoiling the plot.

cold_bts1 cold_bts2 cold_bts3 cold_bts4


And just in case you missed it, check out the behind the scenes teaser video posted back in 2011 here

Stay tuned!


Jul 012013

So Adobe made an interesting move I see many companies heading towards, a subscription model, in which Adobe call theirs, Creative Cloud. But what surprices me the most is not the subscription model itself, it’s the pricing of it. You get the whole suite for a very affordable price (I am aware though that a lot of people seem to be afraid of this model). Now this changes things, at least for me and my vision for Dark Haven’s pipeline. I’m in development with my production company creating some really cool stuff (not made public just yet) and since the project isn’t funded at this time we have to be very careful in where we invest. Everyone working in the visual creative industry pretty much have 1 or 2 Adobe products in their pipe. So with this offer and the cost of it might well be a smart investment almost too good to pass if you are looking for great tools.

Now however with the suit available there is bigger interest in actually incorporate a bigger part of Adobe tools in the pipe. Some new features added to After Effects like 3D tracking and the ability to import 3D models is great!. Still not the biggest fan of layer based compositing as working with big comps becomes a living hell.

What’s also interesting is Adobe story. I’ve been using CeltX since I started writing my own scripts but now with it included in the subscription I will probably with time move over to that.

Cinema 4D is also available but in a light version which I can imagine will make a lot of motion graphers happy.

So with that said I will try and move a large part of the Dark Haven production pipe towards Adobe products. Hard test it for a few months with the new project and then see what sticks. Have After effects become efficient and good enough for me to move away from node based compositing? Doubt it, however I will probably use it way more than earlier with the new features added. Who knows, I might find out that I don’t need the other great high-end tools and do just fine with what Adobe CC has to offer. We’ll see. Definitely worth finding out.

Head over to for more info.

Tried Adobe CC suite or have it in your pipeline? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on it.


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Apr 302013

So this totally went under the radar. No blog post about it nor tweets.

With that said, it sure was a blast attending. Lots of seminars with the greatest people in the vfx industry. Everything from Discussing Passific Rim making of to the problems and future of the VFX industry. So since I didn’t write that much about the experience while being there I thought I’d at least share some pictures taken from the trip.







The outdoor cinema nearby the main building was insane! So packed when the evening hit. Only showing CG animated material.





Apparantly our hotel have had some special guests in the past…




After a whole day of attending super inspiring lectures it was nice to chill down a bit and just hang out with friends and get to meet the future of the industry.



Stuttgart, beautiful city. Wish I’d taken more pictures.


FMX 2013 was a blast! Me and my friend Micael were only there for 3 days. wish we’d stayed longer. Next time would be a longer stay for sure!.  Next time I’ll make sure to write more about it as well!



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Apr 062013

So this project seams to have been revealed to the public already. Latest project I worked on. Standard CG production, 3D modelling, texturing, lookdev, compositing ect. Great fun project and super nice to get to know the talented people at NetEnt.

Don’t know if it’s available to play yet. If not, keep an eye open at your favorite online casino.

Update 2103-05-29: Netent now have their own Vimeo account. Video now linked to intro only.


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Mar 142013

So a while back I wanted to take a break from all the movie watching and start reading books.

I ended up getting in to the world of Andrew Wiggins and what I recently finished reading “Speaker for the dead”. I have never been a big book reader (when I read books I mostly read to educate myself about something) but entering the Ender saga I think that is about to change. I haven’t blogged about anything for a while (been super busy working on things that’s not really ready talking about yet) so I’d like to share a bit of what have been my source of inspiration lately.

Enders Game:

The saga follows Andrew Wiggins aka Ender Wiggins, a genius child breed by the military. In Ender’s game we get to follow him growing up on a military training center up in space to become the commander of a space fleet. The humans are putting their hope in ending the war with the alien race called the Formics (or also the buggers). The book is fantastic from beginning to end. I know Digital Domain Media group are producing a movie based on the book directed by Gavin Hood to have its premiere later this year. Hoping to see some trailers soon. Anyway, great book and if you’re a sci fi fan like me, or heck, just looking for a great story you should not miss this book.! I regret not having read this book years ago.!

Speaker for the dead:

While Ender’s game followed Ender growing up, this book continues after a few thousand years of those events. Andrew is now all grown up and have become what people call a speaker for the dead. He ends up on the planet Lusitania to investigate the death of some people and then give a speech of what really happened. What’s special on this planet is that there’s an intelligent race found called Pequeninos (aka piggies). It’s the second intelligent species found by humans so far. Andrew goes there though with a hidden agenda that I won’t spoil. This book is very different from the first one and has a more investigating feel to it. It even puts some religion and culture in to the mix. The first half of the book progressed in a really slow phase and I was all the time waiting for the story to take off. I got to the second half and the story really got me hooked and it became hard to put the book down.

I think Oscar Scott Card did a fantastic job in building this universe as far in as I’ve gotten so far. There are plenty of sequels and side stories that I can’t wait to dig in to!



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